Black Water Green Gold


An emotional documentary about greed, mismanagement and aggressive agriculture deteriorating the Patzcuaro Lake, one of the oldest bodies of water in Michoacán, Mexico.

Michoacan is the largest avocado producing region in the world. About one in three avocados consumed worldwide originates here. Avocado plantations require twice the amount of water that would be consumed by the local woods. To meet the global demand, large monocrop systems are implemented , replacing the diverse forests.

In combination with an inefficient public water treatment this results in an environmental as well as a social crisis….

Our Part Co-Production / Creative Producing
Production Type Documentary
Duration 90 Minuten
in festival circuit
Production year: 2021 - 2023
Crowdfunding-campaign with over 15.000,00 €
Shooting location: Mexiko
Genre: Documentary


Bureau Sebastian Moock
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Tzintzuni Studio
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