HOPE tells the story of 17-year-old Gloria. The half-orphan fled to Uganda as a child, grew up in an orphanage for most of her childhood, and now dreams of a career as a lawyer in her home country of South Sudan. As a woman in East Africa, this is actually unthinkable. Even more so as a refugee. But she is pursuing this goal with vehemence and is currently completing her university entrance qualification.

In our documentary, we get to the bottom of this force. We meet the people who particularly influenced Gloria, gave her courage and confidence where nothing could be hoped for.

This glimmer of hope in the face of an infinitely cruel civil war inspired us to start this documentary.

Our Part Co-Production & Creative Producing
Production Type Documentary
Duration 90 Minuten
in post-production
shooting location: Uganda
successful crowdfunding-campaign with over 10.000€
funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg
genre: documentary